Delhi Man Killed For Stopping Urination On Road By Young Public

New Delhi witnessed a pathetic death of an E-rickshaw driver.

Mr.Ravinder Kumar,a 34 years old e-rickshaw driver was parking his auto near North Delhi metro station.Inspite of having separed toilet outlets he saw 2 young men was doing urination on road.As Mr.Kumar was supporting “Swatch Bharat Avijan” he protested those men for doing such activities.

The boys didn”t obey him.Rather they threatened him.

After 30mins at about 8:30am they came on the spot with 20 young boys and they carried towels full of stones.They beat him for 20 minutes.

The place was crowded but noone came to help him.

After their running people carried Mr.Kumar to hospital.

Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu gave consolation to his family.

Later police came and they kept the CCTV footage for further investigation.

His brother said,”Hang those culprits”


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